Whether you are brand new to church or you have attended church your whole life, we want you to feel welcome!  We know sometimes it's not easy visiting a new church for the first time. Here you will find information and some common questions about what you can  expect when you visit us. 

Our Sunday service is an indispensable part of life at Huon Anglican Church. All our sermons and teaching in our church are Bible based, gospel-focussed, engaging and compelling. The music at our church is inspiring and uplifting. We also celebrate communion together every week which visitors are welcome to partake in. 

What to expect at our Sunday Service? 

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Something for Everyone

We are a church for people of all ages and walks of life. No matter your situation, we offer something for everyone in the family.

Enjoy Morning Tea

Enjoy chatting and getting to know other members of our church community over morning tea in our church hall after every Sunday service. 

Hearing Loop 

We have a hearing loop sound system for use by people with hearing aids. Please let us know when you arrive if you need help with this. 


Welcoming Atmosphere

We love meeting new people. Enjoy a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere from our entire church community every Sunday.  

Come Comfortable  

Our Sunday service is casual and open to everybody.  We don't have a dress code, just come as you are and wear what feels comfortable. 


We want to make it easy for everyone to join us. We have wheelchair access into the church as well as our hall next door. 


Common Questions 

When should I arrive?

Our service starts at 9.30am, however people often start arriving around 9.15 to connect with one another. You're more than welcome to come a little before the service, or even after we've started! Latecomers are welcome too!

What should I expect when I arrive? 

When you come in the doors of the church, you'll see a friendly face welcoming you to church. You'll get given a weekly notice sheet and you're welcome to chat to people or find a seat ready for the service to begin. Everything you need for the service (including hymn & song lyrics) is on the screen up the front.  We start off by singing a song together, then we hear from the Bible, we hear the Bible being taught (a sermon), we pray, and we have communion (bread and wine). After church you're more than welcome to join us for morning tea in the hall next door.

Is there a dress requirement?

Not at all. Come along dressed however you feel most comfortable. Some people like to dress up a little for church, others feel more comfortable in casual clothes. All are welcome.

Are children welcome?

Absolutely! Children of all ages are welcome in our services. Please don't be concerned if your children make some noise during the service. We understand parenting is hard, and we remember God loves and welcomes people of all ages!

What do you offer children during the Sunday service? 

Each week in the service before the Bible reading we have a 'Kids talk', where the children come up to the front of the church and one of the leaders gives a short talk in language they can understand. It often involves props and interaction with the children. At this point, Primary-school aged kids are invited out to the Hall for Sunday School. Sunday School includes games, singing, craft and teaching. They return back into the service in time for Communion.

Do you offer hearing loops in your church?  

Yes, turn your hearing aid to the 'T' setting. Please don't hesitate to ask someone around you if you need help with this.



How Long does the service go for? 

Our services generally go for a little over an hour. You're welcome to join for morning tea after the service, too.

Do I need to know anything about the bible before I attend?

No, but we'd love to help you understand the Bible better. If you don't have a Bible, you're more than welcome to take one from church too.

An important part of our time together on Sundays is to hear the Bible being read out, and then explained. Coming along to church regularly will help you understand the Bible better.

Do I need to know how to sing 'church songs' before I attend?

No, if you're a little unsure, or not quite ready to sing, you're welcome to just stand quietly while the songs are being sung. Feel free to join in when you feel comfortable. 

Can a visitor take communion? 

Communion can be seen as a 'family meal' - a special meal for those who are in God's family. If you believe in Jesus as your Lord and Saviour and faithfully participate in the Sunday service, feel free to come up for communion. 

If you are not comfortable or not yet ready to take communion, feel free to remain in your seat during this time. A minister would love to chat with you if you'd like to explore what it means to take communion.

Do I have to belong to your denomination to attend?

No, all people are welcome to attend our Sunday services.

Who can I talk to if I want to know more? 

Feel free to get in touch with us, either by phone (0362642977) or email (info@huonanglican.org.au). Alternatively, we'd love to chat with you before or after the service.