Our Vision


In January 2017, we launched our 5 year Vision Document: Vision 2022

This document explains our mission: to make all of life all about Jesus. 


By 2022, this is what we want to look like:

In God’s grace, by 2022 we seek to be a church which is making all of life all about Jesus in the Huon Valley, reaching and being relevant to all ages. We want to be famous in the Valley for what God is famous for: an extraordinary love for Jesus, a profound love for our fellow believers, and a deep love for the community around us. We will have a strident commitment to seeing the Gospel impact all generations and display boundless generosity in all we do. We will create growing disciples who make growing disciples in the power of the Holy Spirit, meeting together regularly as small communities of mission scattered throughout the Valley.
— Vision 2022

To get to that point, we have four pathways:

For each of the four pathways, we have devised a set of outcomes which we would love to see happen by the end of 2022.

To view the outcomes, please click here to see the Vision 2022 Document.